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Puppies chew.  If you don’t want your pup to chew on your stuff, you need to get him his own stuff to chew on.  Puppies chew for different reasons:  first, dogs use their mouths to explore their environment.  Second, puppies go through teething stages and when they do, chewing  makes their mouths feel better.  Third, chewing to a dog is like a good book or movie to you – it is enjoyable for it’s own sake, a great way to pass the time.

Everything is a chew toy to dogs, so as soon as you bring your puppy home start teaching him what is an acceptable chew toy and what isn’t.  When your pup chews on the right thing, reward him.  When he chews on something he shouldn’t, redirect him to an appropriate chew toy and then reward him for chewing on it.  Repetition, redirection and reward will teach him what he can and can not chew on.

There are a lot of puppy toys on the market that will help with chewing.  Some are better then others, and you will need to go through a certain amount of trail and error to see what holds your pups interest.

Combining a chew toy with food is a great way to hold your puppies interest. Toys with compartments that allow you to add food do a great job of keeping your pup interested in the chew.  You can usually make it harder or easier for your dog to get the food,  so you can increase the difficulty once your pup learns how to get the food.

A toy that has some give to it,  is satisfying to a teething puppy. But if you add food to that rubber toy, that makes it that much better!

Stocking up on good chew toys for your pup, will save your possessions and sanity while allowing your pup the enjoyment of a good chew!

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