Spring is here... and so are the Puppies!

Spring and puppies go hand in hand, and whenever I see a little rolly-polly puppy I get hit with puppy-love and have to resist the urge.  Soon I will be ready for another puppy but not quite yet.

For those that have added new bundles of joyous puppy to your family-congratulations, this is a very exciting time. They are adorable and sweet-especially when they sleep, but they are also little balls of energy learning about their new worlds and all the exciting things they contain. Over the next few weeks your puppy will be on the receiving end of love, attention, adoration and little bit of spoiling.  But your puppy also needs rules and boundaries; the interactions and experiences your puppy has over the next 6-8 weeks are going to strongly shape him into the dog he will be as an adult.

The importance of a good socialization program for puppies aged 8-16 weeks is undisputed, so love and adore your puppy but make sure you are also teaching him what he needs to be able to thrive in our world, and become the great companion you know he can be.

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