K-9 Jogger

The K9 Bike Jogger is a "bike leash system" designed to be attached to your current bicycle seat post, allowing you to have your dog join you on all your bike rides. Now, there is no need to leave home without them, take your dog with you and let them enjoy the pleasure of a run in complete safety.


Your dog's health is riding on it!"

Please note that your purchase of the K-9 Bike Jogger Bike Leash System is complete and includes the clamp and all you need to use the product.


· No need to worry about your dog following along while holding a leash, we all know how dangerous that can be!
· When using the K-9 Bike Jogger bike leash system, your hands are free to remain safely on the handlebars, or to safely indicate any change in direction.
· K-9 Bike Jogger allows the rider and their dog to train together.
· K-9 Bike Jogger can be easily disconnected from your bike via the fast release system.
· K-9 Bike Jogger, when removed, transforms into an easy to use leash, and has a high grade mesh safety loop for additional control!
· K-9 Bike Jogger installs in less than 5 minutes!
· A single K-9 unit can be used with multiple bikes just by adding an additional clamp!
· K-9 Bike Jogger’s universal clamp adjusts to fit most bikes and trikes!
· K-9 Bike Jogger is easy to use and requires no formal training.
· K-9 Bike Jogger can be used in all types of terrain!
· K-9 Bike Jogger’s design does not permit your dog from becoming separated and/or lost as can occur on competitor’s products.


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