Buddy Belt

BUDDY BELT is the little harness that could. It was specially designed for Buddy, a miniature dachshund. Its unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet's neck, is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware. This makes the BUDDY BELT very fashionable and highly functional.

Traditional neck collars can cause unnecessary strain and discomfort for pets. In many cases this strain results in damage to your pet's trachea (windpipe) and/or spine.

"FORM affects FUNCTION and function affects HEALTH!
BUDDY BELT enhances proper function and health."
Dr. Leo K. Rosenberg - Certified Animal Chiropractor

The Buddy Belt harness is easy to use and reduces stress on the neck. Essential to the design is a single buckle, like a traditional collar, except that this design is fastened between the shoulder blades instead of around the neck. The animal's front legs extended through the two holes underneath.

SIZING CHART will explain how to get the correct fit & size for your dog.

Buddy Belts FAQ's will answer all your BB questions.

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