Book-Click For Joy!

Questions and Answers From Clicker Trainers and their Dogs
By Melissa C. Alexander
Double DWAA Award Winner in 2003

Everywhere dogs and their people gather, clicking - and questions about clicker training - can be heard. Now Melissa C. Alexander, moderator of the online discussion forum ClickerSolutions, has gathered clear and accurate answers for over one hundred commonly asked questions about clicker training in one essential reference.

Click for Joy! is packed with information experienced trainers and newcomers alike can put to use immediately, including:
* positive solutions to common problems
* practical instructions to train any behavior to any level of reliability required
* encouragement, advice, and success stories from clicker trainers around the world
* short-term and long-term consequences of controversial training techniques
* clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the science underlying clicker training
* glossary of clicker training terms and concepts
* easy-to-use cross-referencing and index
Click for Joy! is the source for facts and advice that you will turn to again and again.

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