Book-Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs

“Karen Pryor's clicker training is the most compelling demonstration of dog training that I have ever seen. No dog should go without this information.”
—Nicholas Dodman, D.V.M., The Dog Who Loved Too Much

Clicker Training for Dogs has served up just the right portion of science and practical tips for anyone to understand why clicker training works so well, and the first steps to building a new system of communication and deeper bond with their dog.

Now, this powerful little book has become more helpful than ever in a new edition packed with step-by-step photographs of dogs and their handlers, clearly showing each stage of:
* Shaping a behavior
* Choosing and delivering a reward
* Raising criteria
* Target training
* Timing the click
* How to progress in small steps
* Clicker training foundation behaviors, including Sit, Down, and Come when Called
* Clicker training walking on a loose leash
* Teaching a dog to be clicker savvy with the classic game “101 Things to do with a Box”
* Training alone, with a partner, and in a group
* Keeping training fun for you and your dog

Throughout, the easy-to-read text explains the science of behavior and learning that makes clicker training so effective, including:
* Why every interaction with your dog is a training opportunity
* Why mistakes are best ignored
* Why punishment doesn't work
* Why your dog will understand the language of the click better than anything else

An all-new chapter on where to find more information and connect with other clicker trainers completes this invaluable new edition, along with Frequently Asked Questions and Clicker Tips.

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