Regular Performance Boot


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*Please note that these boots/shoes come in pairs           (2 boots or shoes), not a set of four. allows for different size front and back feet.
A less expensive alternative to the High Performance Shoes. The upper is a water-resistant neoprene and the sole is made of an injection moulded rubber for added strength. Although the sole does differ and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance shoe, the Regular shoes are extremely durable. Ideal for swimming and to protect pool liners, or simply for walking and mild running, in rain or snow, with your Best Friend. These shoes are not for indoor use. Used and recommended by veterinarians.

NEO-PAWS™ Shoes/dog boots protect against broken glass, electrical shock, burning cigarettes, hot asphalt, allergens, foxtails, burrs, ticks, rocks, metal objects, salt, dirt, mud, snow, ice or any abrasive surface. They protect swimming pool liners from dog nails.

The shoes were designed to prevent burning pads and cuts and to comfort hip dysplasia during walks and sporting activities. They also protect against injury from dragging paws. The shoes offer shock absorption and prevent dogs from slipping on icy or wet surfaces as well as hardwood and tile floors.

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Type: Foot wear

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