House Line

A house line is simply a trailing lead. The lead clips on to the puppy’s collar or harness and is worn throughout the day.   There is no ‘handle’  the lead simply trails along the floor until it is needed.

There are times in a young dogs life, when we need a little extra control. Puppies can be very boisterous and bouncy and like four legged toddlers, they get everywhere, and are into everything. A house line is an excellent tool for managing an active puppy without getting into unnecessary power struggles.

Older adopted dogs can be unruly too, and are sometimes difficult to manage at first.

Let your dog drag this lightweight leash around the house and it will help you to teach your dog to behave.

  • Use the indoor leash to help keep your dog off of the furniture, from jumping up on guests or escaping out of the door.

  • the house line gives you physical control of your dog without needing to get close enough to touch

1/2 black nylon webbing with a swivel snap.

Comes in three lengths:

  • 5 ft
  • 6 ft
  • 8 ft

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