Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

The Pebble Smart doorbell or pet chime is designed with dog training in mind. With the built-in treat holder (behind the yellow push plate),  introducing the dog doorbell to your dog is easy and fun. Dogs can often start ringing this pet chime within minutes.

You can install the Doggie Doorbell inside for your dog to use when he needs to go out or outside when he needs to come in. And two Doggie Doorbells can work together inside and outside so that your dog can ring in whichever way he is going.

The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell can be installed in minutes, without any tools. The adapter is mounted on a wall or a door via the included mounting tape. It houses the transmitter inside and protects it from the elements. The receiver (or chime) is placed inside the house. The built-in treat holder behind the yellow plate helps training your dog to use the doorbell quickly. When your dog nudges the yellow push plate, the receiver or chime inside the house will be triggered.

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