Training Tether

This chew-proof coated wire training tether allows your dog to be out of his crate and learning how to behave while still under control.

  • This training aid is great for

    • House training / housebreaking.

    • Preventing destructive chewing.

    • Teaching bite inhibition- moving out of his reach when he nips

    • Teaching your dog how to greet people properly - keep away until he has four feet on the floor

    • Teach pets in the same household to get along. A tethered dog cannot chase the cat!

    • Can be used as a time out area when your dog misbehaves.

  • Easy to loop around a piece of furniture or attach to a hook in the wall. Take it with you to different areas of your home, or get several.

  • Resists chewing and tangling. Plastic coating helps to protect furniture.

  • Convenient for travel.

  • For indoor use under supervision.

  • Recommended for use with a body harness

  • Your dog will relax best on his tether if he has a comfy place to lie down

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