I am Coral Atnikov and I have been involved in dog training since 2000. I was introduced to Clicker Training when I adopted my dog Tess from the Humane Society. They were offering Clicker Training class so I enrolled. Prior to this I had never heard of Clicker Training, and my only other training experience was 'traditional' training methods using a pinch collar and leash corrections.

After some initial skepticism, I completely embraced this new training method when I saw how eager Tess was to play the 'training game.' My previous dog (traditionally trained) never got enthusiastic about the training process. Rather than being something he enjoyed doing, he seemed to just want to get it over with.

Before adopting Tess, I had decided to get involved training dogs, but was unable to accomplish this goal when I realized there was nowhere to learn the skill of dog training in my Province, let alone my city. But when I voiced my interest to the class instructor she suggested I apprentice with her.

After my apprenticeship program, I was offered the opportunity to take over her classes and I jumped at the chance.

My apprenticeship program was just the beginning of my education, and 14 years later I am still teaching, still learning, and still fascinated with dog training!