Are private training sessions for you?

Have you ever taken a training class and not been satisfied with the results? Has your dog ever been kicked out of a training class due to his behavior? Have you wanted to take your dog to training class but can’t because of your schedule? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you will understand the benefit of private lessons.

Not every dog or every dog owner will need the personal attention that you receive during private lessons, but every one – dog and human alike, would benefit from the one on one training.

Group classes can be a great way to get involved in training your dog, they can offer some socialization, stimulation and distractions for the dogs in the class as well as learning training techniques. But group lessons don’t always work, nor are they for everyone or every situation. Some of the reasons that group classes may not be for you :

  • Too many people in the class and the instructor is not able to give any personalized instruction.
  • The reasons that you want to train your dog are not addressed in the group setting.
  • The behavior that you need help with doesn’t show up outside of the house
  • The class curriculum doesn’t cover the areas that you need help with
  • Your dog is too reactive/timid to be in a group class

If you decide that group lessons aren’t for you, you can still get the well trained dog of your dreams with private in-home lessons. The benefits of P.R.DOGz private lessons are:

  • A fluid training program devised for you and your dog
  • One on one attention-not sharing your training time with other dog owners
  • Flexibility of scheduling sessions
  • Continued support after the sessions are completed

Most P.R.DOGz private consultations are done in your home, with a minimum commitment of 3 hours of training. The first two hours are done at the initial session with the third hour being completed in a follow up lesson two weeks later.  The two weeks between lessons allows you to get started on your new training plan, see what you and your dog are successful at and what needs to be tweaked and adjusted. A re-assessment is then done to determine your future training strategies. If you wish to continue private lessons, you can then book lessons by the hour – as many and as frequently as you would like.

Private consultations are a great training option for people whose schedules make it difficult to attend regular weekly classes, for those who have difficulty getting out of the house, or for those who need help in one or two specific areas. Private consultations are also recommended for people whose dogs may need extra help with specific behavior issues, that wouldn’t normally get covered in group classes.

P.R.DOGz training offers different options when choosing private consultations. All private consultations are done in the dog’s home. Not only is this more convenient for the owners, it also leads to better insight and information gathering when dealing with your dogs behavior problems.

Every dog starts out with the initial 2-hour consultation and 1-hr follow up lesson, after which a recommendation for further lessons may be made.