DOGz Party

Get FREE dog stuff by hosting a

DOGz Party Home Shopping Experience

DOGz Party is a Home Party experience where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a unique shopping opportunity. You can view and purchase quality dog products for your best friend! Invite your dog loving friends to your home, and enjoy the product demonstrations and explanations provided to you by our experienced staff.

With a 20% discount off the website prices, your guests can purchase all the same quality products that are available at , in the comfort of your home and surrounded by friends and fellow dog lovers! As well, you will earn money towards your own purchases of DOGz quality products and dog training services.


DOGz Party Hostess Package

When you decide to host your own DOGz Party you will receive a Hostess package which includes everything you need to host a successful DOGz Party. Check lists, invitations, as well as catalogues and order forms for guests that may not be able to make it to your party. Your Hostess Pack also outlines your party rewards as well as your hostess thank you gift.

As a Hostess your reward earning potential increases with the number of guests attending your party, plus the dollar value sold at your party, as well as any future parties booked by your party guests.

$ sold at your DOGz Party

$ for purchase of DOGz products or service

% of Sales $

$200.00 - $300.00

$20.00 - $30.00

10 %

$301.00 - $500.00

$45.00 - $75.00

15 %

$501.00 - $700.00

$100.00 - $120.00

20 %

over $700.00

$175.00 and up

25 %


# of guests attending Party

$ for Purchase of DOGz Products of Service

0 - 10


11 - 15


16 - 20


21 - 25


over 25


For every future party booking that comes from a guest at your party you will receive an addition $10.00 towards any DOGz product or service. Earn a free private in-home training consultation with sales of $750.00.


DOGz Web Party

If you would like to host a DOGz Party but just don't have the time, you can still have a party - a Web Party! You just need a group of people that want to buy products. With the DOGz Web Party, your Party Group can consist of people living all over North America, so your Aunt from Florida and your friend from Victoria, as well as your co-workers in Regina can benefit from the DOGz Party discount.

Once you get set up as a group, you and your friends can start shopping and enjoy the 20% discount off the catalog prices.

Once your combined purchases total $350.00 (less taxes and shipping), a confirmation of the completion of your Web Party will be made and your groups purchases will be delivered/shipped.**

Just that simple!


*Not including sale items or Bundles.

**Free Delivery in Regina


Contact to book your DOGz Party Home Shopping Experience, or get started on your DOGz Web Party