Jump-Start Leash Program

The Jump-Start program is made for people who are unable to get their dogs out for walks due to behavior problems. Most dogs could use a little help with their leash manners, but if your dog pulls so much that it is unsafe for you, or others, while out walking you may benefit from the Jump-Start Leash program.

Your dog has learned, through repetition that his behavior on leash works. If he pulls, he has learned that pulling gets him where he wants to go. If he has aggressive displays, he has learned that that will keep the scary things away.

Your dog can learn another way of behaving while on leash. The hardest part is teaching him that the old way isn’t going to work anymore, and showing him what to do instead. Once he understands that, then it’s just a matter of rewarding him for using the new behavior instead of the old.


The Jump-Start Leash program takes the difficult time of readjustment and puts it in the trainer’s hands.

The Trainer will take your dog outside on leash and teach him a new, better way of behaving. Once the dog has learned the new behavior, the owner will take over with the training program.

This program is ideal for:


After a consultation to analyze your needs, recommendations for your program will be made.