Puppy Programs

Puppy Love Program

So you brought your new puppy home,  congratulations!

This should be an exciting fun filled time bonding with your puppy, gently playing, cuddling, and watching his personality emerge...but wait, that's not how its going! Your cute, precious puppy has turned in a peeing, chewing, nipping, zoomie demon that is sapping your energy and enthusiasm.The Puppy Love Program can change all that, and give you back control of your household and your pup. No more frustration and feelings of regret that you may have taken on more then you bargained for.                                                                    

The Puppy Love Program will teach you how to:

- Socialize your pup to ensure a well adjusted pup that will grow into the best dog ever.

- Use the most effective techniques for

The Puppy Love Program includes:


Training Aids:

Super Puppy Program

The long anticipated has arrive...your puppy is coming home and you can start to enjoy everything that this puppy will bring to you and your family. You finally have your sweet cuddly puppy to play with, admire, and coo ver as she sleeps at your feet.

Then reality takes a bite out of your Disney fantasy, as you discover that your sweet pup has a darker side. But don't worry, you can turn that bundle of jumping, biting, chewing, peeing, out of control demon into the puppy you envisioned.

Enrolling in the Super Puppy Program will give you peace of mind and confidence that you are doing everything right. You will reclaim control of your household when you learn the skills, and gain the knowledge and support to raise your pup right.

The Super Puppy Program includes:


- An evaluation and assessment to determine your training requirements

- 12 private training sessions