Sense-ible Dog Harness

Front-Connection™ harnesses help you discover greater companionship! We applied new concepts to create a dog-friendly approach that enhances communications. It involves more than clipping your leash to the front; the unique fit and methods help dogs use their natural instincts. Both you and your dog stay comfortable for enjoyable walks, training, and more!

Safety & Comfort Features

Our harnesses do not include restrictive devices such as slip rings, prongs, cams, and martingales. This means our harnesses do not choke, pinch, constrict, or hobble.

  • Snap buckle positioned away from your dog’s shoulder to prevent chafing and irritation
  • A leash can be clipped to both the chest strap and a collar for extra safety
  • Strap keeper hardware keeps straps together and prevents slipping.
    • Fits low on a dog’s chest without restricting his front legs
    • Does not tighten across the chest and shoulders
    • Designed to flex as you pull your leash. Allows for full range of motion and prevents hobbling.
  • New concepts from horse training can help you better understand your dog. Both dogs and horses have a similar response to sense of touch. They brace against pressure (opposition reflex) which is why dogs brace against collars and pull on leashes. With our harness design, fit, and methods dogs feel gentle pressure (sensations) like horses feel a rider’s leg pressure. This helps your dog sense how to follow a leash which increases communications and more...

  • Increases attention
  • Enhances dog-friendly training
  • Prevents choking, stress and injuries
  • Good for shy, nervous and fearful dogs
  • Helps create a calm and responsive dog
  • Accelerates basic training; sit, wait, stay, heel
  • Helps solve pulling, lunging, jumping and other on-leash problems
  • The training effect generalizes well to when your dog is not wearing the harness
  • Keeps your dog happy!


  • Easy on and off
  • All dogs can benefit
  • Easier to walk two dogs
  • You can use it with a collar
  • Great for pet assisted therapy and agility
  • You can use it right away – no acclimation period required
  • Provides more guidance for dogs with hearing or vision disabilities
  • You and your dog will both love it!

Girth Measurement

Using a flexible measuring tape (or leash), measure from just behind the front legs all the way around your dog. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, like measuring for a "belt." Then  select the proper size using the girth measurement.

Please note that the measurement is the best way to get the correct size - DO NOT USE THE WEIGHT RANGE to select size.

Chest Measurement

The chest measurement is typically 1/2 the girth measurement and is not required for most dogs.

Some breeds, such as Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, etc., will require a measurement to determine a proper fit.

Measure around the center of the forechest, over the breastbone. Start behind one of the dog's front legs to the same point behind the other front leg.

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