Tasha Control Leash

All the components for DOGzwear leashes and collars were chosen for strength, security and style. The nylon webbing used in both the leashes and collars is a tight, strong weave which reduces stretching and lateral movement. The leash snap is a slide closure which reduces the possibility of accidental release from the collar.
The leash handle is lined with fleece to give better grip and greater comfort.
The final touch for DOGzwear leashes & collars is the decorative ribbon. The ribbons are chosen not only for their beauty, but also their durability. The ribbon will withstand the rigors of life on a dog collar.
Not only are the DOGzwear leashes and collars attractive and strong enough to last, the are also inexpensive enough to get one in all your favorite colors!

Medium DOGzwear control leashes come in two sizes; 3 ft and 4 ft. The leash handle is fleece lined for greater comfort. The size of leash you need will be determined by your height and your dogs size, but a general rule is measure the distance between your wrist and your dogs shoulder, and add 1 ft. Get the size of leash that is closest to that measurement.

DOGzwear medium leashes & collars are 3/4 inch wide.

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*TRAINING TIP* Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash will help him learn manners in other areas as well. Dogs learn by reinforcement, so when your dog is able to lunge and pull on the leash- he will learn to lunge and pull. When your dog is beside you, rather than in front of you, he is learning to be aware of, and pay attention to you. By keeping your dog close, you are able to react faster to his movements, and stop the behavior before it can become full blown.

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